Worksaat Home Mobile Application

a seamless solution

Simple user Interface that fits your total needs

Keep track of every action.

All of the lights turned off suddenly? There’s no need to worry, there’s an easy way to know who did it or what caused it. It might be manual, through the app, via Google assistant/Alexa etc., Worksaat keeps track of every switch action.

With great power comes great power bills.

Get complete and graphical report of the power usage in home. Never worry about over usage, keep track of it.

Share access by joining home

Request a user to join home. Once accepted, control all the devices in the home.

More awesome, with Workflows

Do cool stuff like a wizard with Workflows feature in worksaat Mobile app. Turn on AC when it’s hot! Turn on lights when you reach home and turn off automatically in the daytime. Turn geyser on if it’s a cold morning. Open your door magically when you arrive home. And so much more…that’s up to you, you are the wizard. Play with different combinations in worksaat home App.